Affiliated to cbse, new delhi (affiliation no. 1631047)

Baba Ganda Singh Public Sen. Sec. School, Langrian(Amargarh)

Mob. 98157-76759, 95017-51385, 99146-11759

* NO HOMEWORK IN CLASS I & II AS PER CBSE GUIDELINES * School Closed (Stay Home Stay Safe)


We impart, direct instructions to give scope to the teachers to adopt student oriented techniques and create educational environment. Use of help books is strictly prohibited. Teachers and students prepare their own notes. Cramming is directly opposed to and any tendency in this direction is strictly checked. Smart class has also been introduced to the students to understand the topic perfectly.


The school pays heavy emphasis on the health of its pupils. Physical checkups of pupils are carried out twice a year by a qualified doctor. First Aid material is available in the school and in case of injury and other minor problems the treatment is given immediately.

S.Barjinder Singh

Dear worthy Parents,

“School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.”

In keeping with this dictum we are an educational institution that is tech savvy, focusing on education based on technology as well as on moral values.

During the past almost 17 years of its journey BGS has stood the test of time, has built a fair name and has established itself as an institution worthy of trust. Every step of its journey has been highly inspiring and heartwarming. We are rooted to our traditions, culture, heritage and in the process never forgetting our moral and ethical values. All this is done at an affordable cost so that parents do not feel the pinch.

I assure you that in coming years also BGS will prove itself as your best choice. We as a team shall leave no stone unturned to build a bright future of your child. ‘Education is light’ is the motto of our school and we’ll keep spreading this light amongst our dear students.


Harkawaljeet Kaur

"Dear Parents,"

Congratulations for choosing BGS for the bright future of your child and thanks for showing your faith in us. BGS is just not a school for academics ; it is a complete institution where we impart values and life skills to our dear students. We give ample space to every pupil to show her/ his actual talent.

What is Education ? The real education is to give a unique identity to every child. Let me tell you that a child’s mind is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark. The basic education begins from home. Parents are the first teacher of a child. He takes his early habits from parents. Thus it is your responsibility ( the parents) to keep your home environment child friendly.

“Every student can learn. Just not on the same day or in the same way. In an effective classroom, students should not only know what they are doing, they should also know why and how.”

Our worthy Patron, Late S. Jagga Singh Ji put his heart and soul to give BGS the highest stature in the area. I am not exaggerating by saying that other newly opened institutions in this area are simply copying BGS. But , the legacy of BGS is unbeatable.

As we cater every need of young minds, I would like to proudly inform that for spoken English, we have signed a MOU with Argyle a globally renowned company in connection with The University of Cambridge, London. Spoken English was the biggest drawback which I noticed in many students, so this regular course has been started to overcome this problem. It surely will increase confidence of our students. BGS knows the pulse of its clients. Every child has individual needs and we try to fulfill all.

At BGS, our 17 years of legacy has earned the most precious currency of all - Trust. When it comes to education, our qualified teachers bring you the right solutions with their experience and effective skills.

We have given a platform to our students to showcase their talent in other institutes where they have proved their metal and won various prizes.

I assure every parent and every student that BGS is totally committed to its duty of imparting quality education. We set examples for others that’s why other institutes are trying to copy us but stay rest assured that the facilities, the education, the confidence, the quality and the talent can not be copied by anyone at the nominal fee structure which we are providing .



Education changes lives and changed lives effect the future of our nation. The aim of our school is to groom the student into an all round, well developed personality, who is refined, disciplined, socially, culturally and possesses high moral values. One who is at home in an intellectual environment, physically strong, mentally robust and capable of fitting into any team and contributing positively to society.

Academic objectives In pursuance of the aim, the school has set the following academic objectives.

  • To provide a progressive teaching support system to the students for quality education.

  • To provide academic, cultural, social, moral and psychological guidance support through exce staff.

  • To provide diverse learning resources and supportive infrastructure in the form of hardware, software, laboratories and other material in support of academic excellence.

  • To provide a wide variety of academic stream choices for the students in consonance with the latest changes and developments around the world.

  • To achieve academic excellence through innovative and interactive methods of teaching and by having a standardise staff student ratio.

  • To promote a caring environment and embrace diversity and environmental sustain ability.