Co-Curricular Activities

Affiliated to cbse, new delhi (affiliation no. 1631047)

Baba Ganda Singh Public Sen. Sec. School, Langrian(Amargarh)

Mob. 98157-76759, 95017-51385, 99146-11759


We impart, direct instructions to give scope to the teachers to adopt student oriented techniques and create educational environment. Use of help books is strictly prohibited. Teachers and students prepare their own notes. Cramming is directly opposed to and any tendency in this direction is strictly checked. Smart class has also been introduced to the students to understand the topic perfectly.


The school pays heavy emphasis on the health of its pupils. Physical checkups of pupils are carried out twice a year by a qualified doctor. First Aid material is available in the school and in case of injury and other minor problems the treatment is given immediately.


The school offers the students to develop various talents help to enhance their physical and mental health and train them to become responsible members of society. All students are expected to participate in various co-curricular activities offered by the school. The object of these activities is to develop creativity, organizational abilities and to develop self confidence and personality. The aim is to train the students in the art of public speaking, orderly argumentation and developing dramatic talents. The following activities are planned for the year to take place.

1.Quiz Competition
2.Declamation Competition
3.Essay Writing Competition
4.Bag Competition
5,Fancy Dress Competition
6.Poem Recitation Competition
7.Science Fair
8.Art Competition
9.Dastar Bandi Competition
10.Spelling Contest
11.Debate Competition
12.Story Telling Competition
13.Calligraphy Competition
14.Dance Competition
15.Creative Writing Competition
16.Elocution Competition